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Um. We have a virus, bitches.

13 Sep

There once were two sisters who lived in a small town near Boston (more like Cape Cod, but I’m not sure if our new readers in Zimbabwe know where “the Cape” is). One day, these sisters decided to write a facetious article about how badly they suck at Pinterest crafts, back-to-school preparedness, the art of getting […]

Back-to-School Pinterest Bitches

29 Aug

It’s that time of year again. The kids are going back to school, Target is abuzz with harried moms, the beaches are emptying, I’m still not tan and shit’s about to get real on Pinterest: I went to Ocean State Job Lot and bought my daughter’s school supplies. After washing last year’s perfectly good bag, I […]

Indecent Proposal

29 Jun

Once upon a time, years before Pinterest made us feel inadequate with its recipes for oreos stuffed in rice krispie treats baked in a pie and showed us pictures of kissing couples standing behind a sign reading “she said yes” written on a chalkboard with an English bulldog wearing a tag asking you to save […]

Pinterest. Volume 4. America’s Obsessions.

2 Apr

Stupid Tattoos     Glorifying kids who kill each other.      And Stupid Ryan Gosling.     And Stupid Ryan Gosling talking about the kids killing each other. (Unlikely.)     Announcing births, engagements and bowel movements via photojournalism.      Fairies, zombies and vampires. And when kids kill each other.     Things that never […]

Pinterest Duet – Part 1

1 Mar

   You all three of you asked for more Pinterest updates.     Stupid signs that make people want to hurt themselves       Mompetition         Destination Deaths           Fashion and Hair           Motivational         Home Decor     Share

A Week in Pinterest. Let’s go stand on a rock. Teetering on a mountain. And then maybe we’ll paint it on a sign.

19 Dec

A slight variation of this week in Pinterest: This one is called “Private Pool Suite at Mykonos Blu Resort”                                       Pinterest started as an online pinboard. A great resource for home decor, baking ideas and now? How to make […]

It’s Christmas, Bitches.

5 Dec

I’m decking the shit out of these halls. I’m talking pine cones flying everywhere. Like Edward Scissorhand style up in this piece. Not sure how pine cones are representative of Christmas, but I found a bag the size of my head full of them at Michael’s so I bought them. Obvi.                 […]

Pinterest can bite me.

19 Sep

I have recently discovered Pinterest. I know I know, you invented Pinterest and I am so old and three months ago. Go choke on your latte. Anyway, upon discovery of this amazingly easy, yet brilliant concept (a virtual pinboard? FUCK YEAH!), I became overwhelmed. It doesn’t take much. I immediately felt inadequate, talentless, boring and kind […]