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Snow Days

30 Jan

Tis’ the season for eleventy billion snow days. Sure, we’ll be in school until mid-July, but I love snow days. For the first hour. On the first snow day. The night before the first snowfall of the season: “Kids! We’re going to have so much fun on this glorious snow day! We’ll go sledding, build […]

My Husband is MIA for DIY

22 Sep

I’m married to a carpenter. He does beautiful work. In other people’s homes. We’ve lived in our home since 1997. Since then, I have asked him, bribed him, threatened him, cajoled him to fix a few things around the house and to help me maintain day-to-day functions. Like not leaving his huge man things everywhere […]

Why Boys are Gnarly – Reason Eleventy Billion

21 Jun

This is what I left this morning at the ass crack of dawn to go to work.                               In case you can’t discern what it is that I am getting at. It’s a FUCKING DIRTY, FILTHY, BLACK FOOT. In my bed.   […]

Little Houses on the Hillside…

14 May

I live in an adorable neighborhood. There are lots of children. Green grass. Trees. Nice people. It’s not for everyone, but we love it. It’s like Agrestic for those of you who watch Weeds. If you don’t, you totally should. But I digress. I asked my husband on Mother’s Day to kindly get rid of […]